Tax-Exempt Registration Process

Welcome to Sioux City Tarp, Inc.’s Tax-Exempt Registration Portal!

Sioux City Tarp is dedicated to providing an efficient and compliant shopping experience for our tax-exempt customers. To qualify for tax exemption in line with state laws, please follow the steps outlined below. Our process is crafted to validate your tax-exempt status effectively and ensure adherence to legal requirements.

Step 1: Complete the Appropriate Tax-Exempt Form

Multi-state Form: This form is designed for customers seeking tax exemption within any of the 38 states currently covered by a single, unified document. It simplifies the process by eliminating the need for separate state-specific forms.

Indiana State Form: For tax-exempt purchases in Indiana, please complete our Indiana State Tax-Exempt Form, which meets the specific requirements of Indiana tax laws.

Submitting Your Form

You can find both the Multi-state and Indiana State Tax-Exempt Forms below. Select and complete the appropriate form according to your needs. No additional paperwork is required.

Multi-State Tax Exempt Form

State of Indiana Tax Exempt Form

Step 2: Website Account Registration and Approval By Accounting

If you haven’t already, register below for an account on the Sioux City Tarp’s website. It’s important that the email address used for tax-exempt registration matches the one on your website account to link your tax-exempt status accurately.

Your tax-exempt status requires approval by our accounting department before any sales tax exemptions can be applied to your purchases. This verification ensures all claims meet state regulations.

Step 3: Tax-Exempt Purchases Across Ordering Methods

Approval Benefits: Upon approval, you will be eligible to make tax-exempt purchases not only on the web but also through phone, email, and text orders, providing flexibility in how you choose to shop with us.

Notification of Approval: An email confirmation will be sent once your account is activated for tax-exempt purchases, allowing you to begin shopping tax-free across our ordering platforms.

Keep Your Information Updated: Ensure your account information is current to enjoy uninterrupted tax-exempt benefits.

We’re Here to Help: If you have any questions or need assistance with the tax-exempt registration process, please call or text our sales team at: 712-258-6939

Thank you for choosing Sioux City Tarp, Inc. We’re committed to supporting your tax-exempt purchasing needs and offering a hassle-free shopping experience across all our services.

Register Website Account (you can also register when placing an order)