Building a Legacy

In 1973, Sioux City Tarp was established by Don Bremer. Starting with a single sewing machine, Bremer steadily grew the company to make it one of the nation’s leading manufacturers in custom built roll tarps. Today, Sioux City Tarp has created a massive dealer network and performs in-house and onsite installs nationwide.

Bill Bremer, son of Donald Bremer, became CEO of Sioux City Tarp, Inc. in 1995. Bill saw the need for additional products and services and quickly added replacement parts for the trucking industry, and an innovative and unique line of complete roll-up tarp systems. As the technology emerged, Bremer saw the opportunity to add not only motorized tarp systems but went a step further and added remote and Bluetooth capabilities. Bill continues to create and develop new innovations without sacrificing excellent customer service.

Sioux City Tarp produces a high-quality customized tarp system strictly adhering to our clients’ exact specifications. Our focus is on a quality product ready to ship in days.  No matter what tarp or tarp system you need, we will build it, and build it right the first time.

Why We Are the Leading Tarp Manufacturer

We custom seam or weld each tarp to fit your exact requirements, no matter what those requirements are.  Once the tarp is cut to size, it is laid out and marked for all the areas needing to be reinforced. We reinforce every single area that requires reinforcement. Utilizing industrial-grade nylon thread, sewing is completed by our experienced professionals utilizing double-needle, super-expensive machines. Double stitching is a key step to creating a long-lasting tarp.

On the roll side of the tarp, we install “webbing straps” to ensure the tarp is held in place against cross bows in the trailer. This prevents unnecessary wear in the tarp. In addition, instead of heat welding this strapping, we utilize seatbelt webbing to sew each strap to the roll tarp. We know of no other company that takes this extra step in ensuring the longevity and durability of your finished tarp.

See Our production facility in action!

Looking for something other than black? 

We have a variety of colors available. We also have two grades of mesh available as well!  If you need something a little out of the ordinary, we will make it happen. 

Once the custom tarp is finished, it is rolled up and packed for shipping. We are proud to manufacture our products right here in the Midwest, where we are known for our work ethic and our values.  Combined with our prompt and friendly customer service, we will treat you right and we will do it quickly.   

CALL OR TEXT Sioux City Tarp at: 712-258-6939 or visit with one of our dealers and let’s get you into a new tarp.

Our Company Timeline

Below are just a few highlights in our company’s history.  

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New Building in South Sioux City, NE

South Sioux City, NE Open for Business! We purchased and renovated a 24,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility for Tarp Production and Sewing.


Happy 50th to Us!



My RollTarp App Introduced

We have an app for that! We were the first company to have a mobile to run our tarp systems. The App is called My RollTarp and is available on iOS and Android. This has been a huge hit for customers as they no longer need a separate remote.


Another Facility Expansion

We added a new building to our Sioux City Campus to accommodate more inventory and the growing number of in-house installs and service after the sale.


We Come To You!

We started filling the need for onsite installations on farms.


Electric Tarp Systems

SCT introduced our new line of Electric Tarp Systems.  This began a whole new era for the company. 


We've Expanded

Sioux City Tarp built its new building on Harbor Drive, where they are still headquartered.


Bill Bremer becomes CEO. 

Bill grew up doing various jobs around the shop, so naturally he knew the business inside and out.  Bill has taken the company to all new levels over the years.  We know his father would be proud.  Don was still heavily involved with the company until his passing in 2018. 


Founded by Donald Bremer

Don Bremer started Sioux City Tarp in Sioux City Iowa.

With Wilson Trailer nearby, Don recognized the need for tarps on their trailers. Wilson Trailer, who remains a big client, helped take Don’s business to a whole new level. He opened a small building near the airport and started with a single sewing machine. 

In order to efficiently install the tarps on the top of the trailers, Don dug a hole in the floor so he could reach without ladders. That is some next-level innovation!