Complete Smooth-Roll Xtreme electric tarping system for all side dump trailers


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The Smooth Roll Xtreme is the best option for covering your side dump trailer system. Our system utilizes patented steel reinforced, diamond-extruded arms with three-and-a-half-inch aluminum roll tubes. These arms are so strong, they come with a lifetime warranty to never fail. Overbuilt by design, the heavy-duty coil spring at the base, is the largest spring on the market. The two-horse motor has a three-year warranty, and we keep a large stock of parts for same day shipping.

Easy to install, the Smooth Roll Xtreme kit can be installed on any side dump trailer. It can be installed right here at the factory, or by one of our many certified dealers. Kits can also be shipped directly to the customer. Additional options include a remote-control switch in the cab, a wireless remote system and our tarp lock out option, which won’t allow the operator to start the side dump if the tarp is closed… avoiding catastrophic damage to the tarp system if the load is dumbed while the tarp is closed.