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There are many different types of trailer systems on the road, and for those that are walking floor style trailers with rear doors… the patent pending Quick Release system allows the operator the ease of fully automatic tarp operation.

The Lock Down Electric Quick Release, from Sioux City Tarp, is the best system on the market for trailers with rear doors, because of this unique quick release technology. Quick Release easily disengages so the operator can open the rear doors while the tarp is still closed. Because of its unique design, the rear door can swing all the way around, allowing the door to be attached to the truck without the need for special latching equipment. This unit also comes with solar panel charging. There is a 3-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime warranty on the heavy-duty arm.

The Quick Release is fast; one operator stated that he was able to do an additional three loads a day, which paid for the Quick Release in about a month. The Quick Release can be installed on any rear door trailer right here at Sioux City Tarp, or by one of our many dealers. We can also ship the kit directly to the customer for easy installation.