Tarp Repair 101

Even the finest tarpaulin fabrics will require repair from time to time. Our repair kit is provided for your convenience in minor roadside repairs. Be sure to select the proper color for your kit.

Our repair kit includes 1 Yard of 22 Oz Vinyl (Black) and 1 Quart of HH-66 Vinyl Cement which is is ideal for tarp repairs

HH-66 Vinyl Cement: The Problem Solver

  • ¬†EXCEPTIONAL Bond Strength
  • Easy Application - brushes on smoothly and quickly
  • Fast Drying - ready in minutes
  • Waterproof - outstanding resistance to temperature and weather extremes, chemicals, oil, fuel, and grease.
  • Versatile - use for fabricating, repairing, sealing stitched seams - remains flexible
  • Long Mileage, Long Shelf Life

HH-66 Effective And Strong Glue For Vinyl Tarps

The tarps are made from various types of materials. The materials are usually strong, but even the strong materials get torn or damaged. Therefore from time to time, there is need to repair these tarps with some sort of adhesive. There are many types of glue available but the glue for vinyl tarps needs to be strong and protective. The glue required needs to have certain characteristics such as it is easy to apply and it dries very quickly. The super adhesive glue is very effective and can be used on various types of materials, for sticking them together.

The PVA glue is polyvinyl acetate, which is an effective binder and it dries very quickly. The effective, water proof glue HH-66 can also be used for repairing the tarp. It is the vinyl cement, usually called glue. It is temperature and weather resistant. Another type is construction adhesive which has the liquid bond for fast drying. This is high strength adhesive, which can be used to glue tarp because of its polystyrene characteristic.

As the adhesive dries very quickly, it is easy to repair the tarps. It has extraordinary bond strength, which makes it durable and effective. The perforation or the torn parts can be effectively repaired by using the glue for tarps. It is advisable to repair the tarp with adhesive in time, so that money is saved in the long run.