Featured Projects

At Sioux City Tarp, we take pride in showcasing our diverse range of products right here on our Featured Projects page. Each project highlights our innovative tarping solutions applied to various customer equipment, demonstrating our commitment to quality and versatility. Stay tuned as we periodically update this section with new and exciting implementations of our products in the field.

Walinga Belt Trailer with our LockDown FlexArm Tarp System

Here we have a 49’ Walinga Belt Trailer with our LockDown FlexArm Tarp System. Installed in our shop in Sioux City, Iowa.
This install also features our 6” Offset Tarp Stops and 7-Spring Heavy Duty Front Spring.

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Grain Cart with LockDown Electric System

Onsite installation of our patented LockDown Electric System on this beautiful Brent Grain Cart!

This customer can now tackle Harvest Season with ease! This electric system can be ran by our wireless remote, switch on the trailer OR with your Smartphone!

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LockDown FlexArm 7 Spring System on Tipper Trailers

Here is our LockDown FlexArm 7-Spring System professionally installed by Sioux City Tarp in Lincoln, Alabama.
This install also features our 6” Offset Flexible Tarps and Full Length Lock Rail ensuring your tarp has a nice seal and is locked in place securely.

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Xtreme Electric FlipTarp System on a New End Dump

Introducing the ultimate in trailer protection: our Extreme FlipTarp System. Designed for trailers up to 53 feet, this system boasts:

•Durable Aluminum Arms: Built to withstand the toughest conditions.
•Powerful Tension Springs: Ensures a secure and tight fit every time.
•Heavy-Duty Motor: Comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.
•Protective Aluminum Housing: Keeps your tarp safe when rolled forward, no matter its length.

Whether you need on-site installation or prefer it shipped to you, our system is easy to install and service, with readily available parts. This is one of the strongest systems on the market, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Upgrade your trailer today with our Extreme FlipTarp System and experience unparalleled durability and performance!

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